SPM Oil & Gas are available in 2” through 4” sizes and in pressure ratings up to 15,000 psi. All SPM Oil & Gas swivels feature uniform wall thickness throughout for consistent flow of uids and extended life.


Weir offers pipe in both non-pressure seal (NPS) and integral styles.

Hose Loops

SPM Oil & Gas all-steel hoses utilize eld-proven SPM Oil & Gas swivel joints for greater exibility, shock and vibration resistance, and uniform flow.

Plug Valves

SPM Oil & Gas plug valves feature quality components for dependability, minimum weight, and maximum strength.

Check Valves

Available in both Clapper style and Dart style, SPM Oil & Gas check valves are placed in the treating line to allow flow to the well but isolate any back flow to go upstream of the valve.

Relief Valves

In the pressure pumping industry, there is an inherent level of danger surrounding treating lines operating at high pressures. SPM Oil & Gas Relief Valves provide precautionary features within the pipeline system.


Built specifically for today’s operational and economic realities, SPM Oil & Gas features the industry-best pumps that maximizes ow rating, minimizes downtime, improved rod load and high operational reliability. SPM Oil & Gas TWS 600S HD Well Service Pump and QWS 1000 Frac Pump are our two best selling products.

Integral Connections

Manufactured from high strength alloy steel forgings, SPM Oil & Gas integral union connections are available in lateral, tee, wye, ell and cross con gurations.

EXL Plug Valves

SPM Oil & Gas swivels are available in 2” through 4” sizes and in pressure ratings up to 15,000 psi. All SPM Oil & Gas swivels feature uniform wall thickness throughout for consistent flow of fluids and extended life.

Hammer Unions: EXL Wing Nut

SPM Oil & Gas hammer unions provide pressure-tight, positive sealing and are available for standard service and sour gas service. Hammer unions feature easy identification of size and pressure rating.


SPM Oil & Gas Plugs feature vacuum air tight seals preventing leakages and flow exposures. SPM Oil & Gas offers both Bull Plugs and Gauge Plugs.

Manifold Trailer

The SPM Oil & Gas manifold trailer provides the market with the uniquely designed Safety Iron® manifold system that is suited for stimulation operations, where vibrations and fatigue have proven to be detrimental to the existing hammer union trailer models currently on the market.

Manifold Skid

The SPM Oil & Gas 8-station manifold skid with Safety Iron® connections provides users with a manifold system utilizing many of the design features of SPM Oil & Gas manifold trailers in a more compact footprint for use in regions where ransport of larger manifold trailers is challenging.

Flow Line Safety Restraint (FSR) System

The Flow Line Safety Restraint (FSR) System provides precautionary safety measures for both the users and the other equipment. Containing and minimizing catastrophic discharge from unpredictable jumps in pressure.

SPM Oil & Gas Novatech

In addition to our SPM Oil & Gas’s line, we also offer SPM Oil & Gas’s Novatech line. Providing ancillary equipment and expendables for mud pumps and well service pumps, including the industry’s best valve and seat technology for workover pumps, high pressure well service fracturing pumps, cementing pumps and mud pumps.

Combining the best-in-the-industry technology and state of the art forged alloy steel materials, Novatech products will deliver minimal flow restrictions and fluid turbulence. The patented full open valve and seat technology is designed to maintain a uniformly consistent contact area to eliminate premature washouts and extend the life of fluid ends.