Marine Transmission

For Your Horsepower and Operating Demands

Twin Disc and Hitachi Nico engineer more than 100 marine transmission models, from 35 to more than 4000 horsepower. Our advanced marine transmission technology delivers:

  • Quiet operation with helical gearing
  • Smooth, fast shifting with hydraulic, oil-cooled clutches
  • Full power and identical reduction ratios in forward and reverse
  • Minimal external plumbing
  • Down-angle output and remote or direct-mounted V-drive models
  • Renowned reliability and global after-sale service

QuickShift®–for a Smooth, Steep Power Curve

Experience the world’s smoothest, fastest shifting—plus amazing slow speed control. Quick Shift uses patented internal clutch actuation to deliver cushioned torque and optimum power in milliseconds, whether you nudge the throttle or go full out.

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DESMI Marine Pumps

Tiaraduta Internusa is the authorised dealer for Desmi pump products for Indonesia region providing full support for sales and aftersales.  

Thousands of DESMI marine pumps at work on the seven seas have proved our customers’ satisfaction with the performance of our pumps. Having supplied marine pumps for decades we know the owners’ demands for many years of trouble-free operation.

We offer complete pump packages

Newly developed pumps and acquisitions have made our product range more comprehensive. To supplement our product range we co-operate with other manufactures at high-quality pumps and accessories.

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Veth Propulsion

Veth propulsion, by Twin Disc is well known for Azimuth thrusters (Rudder Propeller) and Bow thrusters that being represented by PT. Tiaraduta Internusa for Indonesian region.

Veth Propulsion is the thruster manufacturer that has stood for quality, service, innovation and sustainability for decades.

Tiaraduta Internusa is your authorized connection to Veth Propulsion rudder propellers and bow thrusters.

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Veth Azimuth Thrusters (Rudder Propellers):

Veth Bow Thrusters:

Arneson Surface Drive

Ultimate Speed and Fuel Efficiency

No other marine surface drives match the speed, efficiency and dependability of Twin Disc Arneson Surface Drives. Their surface-piercing propeller design cuts underwater drag 50% over conventional submerged propeller systems, cutting fuel use and costs. Only the propeller blades and a protective skeg contact the water—for quicker acceleration, higher speed and a better payload-to-power ratio.

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Rolla Propeller

Top Technology for Top Performance

Computational fluid dynamic (CFD) hull analysis, along with countless trials and thousands of successful applications, gives Rolla an unmatched technology database for designing world-renowned propellers. A dedicated pattern for each application assures reliability, performance and longevity. Rolla propellers can be designed to meet any classification register, including Lloyd’s Register, ABS, RINA and others.

Rolla fully submerged propellers start with software analysis of all possible shapes and inputs, including diameter, number of blades, skew, rake and more. We determine the best possible design for the application, then use CFD to fine-tune the propeller load and detect any potential cavitation or flow problems.

Rolla surface-piercing propellers are designed through systematic tunnel testing. We consider the lateral, vertical and horizontal thrusts combined with different diameter and pitch options to determine the optimum propeller for each application.

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Propulsion Control System

Product Families to Fit Your Application

The fifth-generation EC300 Power Commander, based on nearly four decades of Twin Disc marine propulsion control expertise, is one of the most flexible, adaptable systems available. Developed with our experience with thousands of pleasure craft and commercial craft applications, it can be programmed to fit most specifications, including associated USCG or Survey Society regulations.

The EC300 is our core product platform for propulsion control, dynamic positioning system interface, joystick maneuvering, station keeping and surface drive trim control. It delivers rugged reliability and capabilities to meet strict commercial craft demands.

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